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Above Ground Swimming Pools And In-ground Swimming Pools

Having your own swimming pool can be awesome, fun, and cool. You can spend your free time entertaining, swimming, relaxing, doing exercises, and playing swimming games in pool. In other words, you can have quality time of entertainment with your family, and friends in the pool. Therefore, it will be a “big” lack of recreation if you don’t have your own swimming pool.

However, it depends on the finance of each family in order to possess a swimming pool. The structure of houses can also determine type of swimming pool because of limited space. Therefore, choosing suitable swimming pools will mainly depend on these factors. One of the best choices is having above ground swimming pools regardless of the limitation of building space. Because above ground pools can be flexible with their features, you can have many options to deal with limitation. Above ground pools are movable so that you can set up and leave it permanently or temporarily.

Below is the comparision of the in-ground swimming pools and above ground swimming pools. By reading the analysis, you will be able to see the differences of these types.

Installation and Construction

It can take you lots of time to finish building up an in-ground swimming pool. The time of building construction can be a tough task if you don’t have a good plan in advance. Worse, you will find it difficult to make changes once the construction is done. The process of building construction can be long, complex, and “boring”.

Unlike an in-ground swimming pool, an above ground swimming pool offers many flexible choices and options. You can set it up whenever and wherever you want without much efforts. Fortunately, the time of dissembling construction doesn’t take much time. It is even easy for you to move the pool from one place to another place within short time. There are various types of above ground swimming pools being sold on markets, which can meet your expectations.


While above ground swimming pools don’t require to be built in fixed locations, in-ground swimming pools are not movable.

In other words, above ground swimming pools are more flexible with their features. You can move your pools whenever and wherever you want without worrying about the time of set-up. Fast and Easy!


Not all people can afford to buy in-ground swimming pools because of their price. In addition, they are not cheap to build since the permanent construction requires many processes including extra costs.

Unlike in-ground swimming pools, above ground swimming pools offer variety of affordable prices. In addition, they are cheaper to be installed without much extra costs.

Size and shape

You can choose what size and shape that you want for in-ground swimming pools during the time of building construction. It is flexible with the choice of shape and size.

Unlike in-ground swimming pools, above ground swimming pools have fixed sizes and shapes because of being pre-constructed in a factory. Additional time and cost can occur if you want to order customized sizes and shapes. In other words, you don’t have many choices to get unique sizes and shapes you like.


It is easy to maintain the in-ground swimming pools because there are many available tools supporting maintenance.

The maintenance method can be various for the above ground swimming pools due to their properties and features. It depends on the type of above ground swimming pools.

Stability and Durability

Although it can take lots of time to build an in-ground swimming pool, it has good stability and rigidity because of good materials. It means it is more durable and stable than an above ground swimming pool is.

Above ground swimming pools are made with light and durable materials to support the flexibility. However, the materials used for above ground swimming pool are not as good as the materials used for in-ground swimming pool.


No warranty can be given to in-ground swimming pools because the durability depends on many factors – the main one can be materials used or the way of maintenance.

Unlike in-ground swimming pools, above ground swimming pools have certain warranty. You will get replacement if the products have poor quality. A guarantee of certain years will be given by the manufacturers since the quality of above ground swimming pools is under the control. A great maintenance network is available to support a number of possible issues while the maintenance process of in-ground swimming pools is not quite good.


It is necessary to build a new in-ground swimming pool if serious problem is found. Reconstruction can take time and cost extra money. Building a new one is the best way to save time and money. However, small problems can be fixed and solved easily.

Unlike in-ground swimming pools, above ground swimming pools are flexible. Regardless of problems, above ground swimming pool can be fixed easily by replacing necessary parts. Reconstruction is very simple. Even if the whole pool needs to be reconstructed, it doesn’t take time and doesn’t cost much extra money. Because above ground swimming pools are assembled from many parts, they can be fixed and replaced easily.


In-ground swimming pools are less safe than above ground swimming pools are. The reason is that the features, and properties of above ground swimming pools have advantages and flexibility. However, regardless of type of swimming pools, users should follow exactly what the instructions are given.


Both types of swimming pools – in-ground pool and above ground pool – have an available set of accessories to improve the swimming experience.

It is necessary to understand the differences between in-ground pools and above ground pools. This will help you come to good consideration and wise decision on which type of swimming pools you need to get.

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