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Complete Guide of How to Clean Above Ground Swimming Pools

Already possessing an above ground pool? Or just bought a new above ground pool? It is cool to have your own above ground swimming pool. You can check more details about advantages and benefits of above ground pools.

Now, you want to learn how to clean your above ground pools? Keeping above ground pools clean and durable can be simple task if you understand all guides completely. Cleaning it regularly is very important to help you feel enjoyable whenever you are in the swimming pool.

Each type of swimming pool can have different ways to keep them clean.

Because the size of above ground swimming pools is not too big, it doesn’t take much time and steps to clean it up. In other words, it only requires minimal set-up. Additional equipment is required when you are ready to clean it. By following the guides provided in this article, you can keep your above ground swimming pool clean, durable, enjoyable, and healthy.

Cleaning Above Ground Swimming Pools is NECESSARY and IMPORTANT

As mentioned above, cleaning above ground swimming pools is very crucial to help you enjoy the most comfortable feelings while swimming in the pool. Here are several reasons that you need to clean your ground swimming pools regularly.

  • Accumulation of dirty things in water during swimming activites and naked exposure.
  • Accumulation of improper use of chemicals.
  • Algae and bacteria growth
  • Components of ground pools are not working properly.
  • Water looks dirty.
  • And more…

It is necessary and important to observe the color of water and the surface of the pool to decide when you need to clean your ground pool.

When to clean your ground swimming pools

It is necessary to know when your swimming pools need cleaning. It can be “regular” and “ad-hoc” cleaning.

As mentioned earlier, it is necessary to clean your swimming pools regularly regardless of having issues or not in the water. By doing so, you can keep the water in the pool clean and healthy so that you can enjoy the comfortable feelings when swimming in the pool. Each above ground swimming pool has different features so that there may be different ways to clean them. It is recommended that you should follow the given guides from its manufacturer in order to get your pool cleaned properly.

For some special cases, you need to clean your pool when you see any of the issues occur. These issues are already mentioned above. Depending on the issues will determine suitable methods of cleaning.

Tools to use for cleaning

Using the right tools for cleaning swimming pools is required and necessary to get rid of issues completely. Below are some common tools that are used for cleaning the Above Ground Swimming Pools:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Filters
  • Adapters
  • Hose
  • Broom
  • Pool stick
  • Cleaning liquids
  • Brushes
  • Testing devices such as pH monitors, thermometers etc.

Note: Some tools may be various because it depends on the type of above ground pool. It is recommended that you should follow the given instructions from the manufacturer’s document for proper solution.

In some cases, it is not necessary to use all tools to get the issues solved. A broom can be used to solve certain basic problems. This can be the quick clean method, but may not useful for all issues.

Best Way to Clean Your Swimming Pool

One of the best ways to clean your swimming pools is vacuuming your swimming pool. In other words, it can help get rid of most of the issues listed above completely. The process will be effective if you follow exactly the given guides.

Here are some basic steps that you may want to have a look at. To get the best results, you need to be patient with the process of cleaning.

  • Prepare the vacuum for cleaning process.
  • Attach a pool stick to the head of vacuum
  • Attach a vacuum hose to the head
  • Attach a adapter to the end of the vacuum hose
  • Connect a adapter to the return jet
  • Turn it on
  • Wait for some minutes and disconnect the hose from the return yet
  • Start to vacuum when you complete above steps.

Using this method, you can get rid of most of dirty things from your pool. If you want to keep the pool clean, you can repeat this process several days.

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