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How To Maintain Above Ground Swimming Pool

Above Ground Swimming Pool Maintenance Guide

It is important to maintain the above ground swimming pools if you want to keep the pools healthy and clean. In addition, by maintaining your above ground pools regularly, you can prolong the lifespan of equipment and keep the quality of pool stable. It is can be a good investment on automatic cleaning equipment if you have flexible budget.

It is highly recommended that you should maintain your pool regularly if you want to keep the quality of pool stable, enjoy the great feelings when swimming in the pool, and prolong the lifespan of the pool. Below are the guides about how often you should clean the pools, what pool parts should be on track of regular maintenance, and what the best methods that you should follow in order to get best results.

Pump Maintenance

Checking and maintaining pumps regularly is necessary and important to keep the functions working properly. Checking the condition of the movement of the water and the quality of the water in the pool to see if the pump is in good condition. A pump in good condition must have good suction power. The process of maintenance must follow the given instructions.

Filter Maintenance

Like pump, filter should be checked and maintained properly. It should be cleaned regularly in order to make sure the functions in good condition. By getting filter cleaned often properly, you can keep and maintain the quality of water in good condition. The process of maintenance must follow the given instructions properly.

Water Condition

The condition of water balance maintenance should meet the standard requirements in order to provide healthy environment in the pool. Keeping the pool water in good condition can help your pool stay away from bacteria and other dirty things. Testing condition of water balance regularly is important and necessary. These include many factors described below:

  • Calcium hardness: between 200 and 500 ppm (monthly)
  • pH levels: within 7.2 to 7.6 (daily)
  • Total Alkalinity: between 60 to 120 ppm (daily/weekly)
  • Free available chlorine: 1 to 5 ppm (daily)
  • Stabilizer: 20 to 50 ppm (biweekly)

To have appropriate statistics, you should know the capacity of the pool. Here are two steps that you can check

  • The average DOP (Depth of Pool) = (the sum of the shallow and deep ends depths)/2
  • The (COP) Capacity of Pool = the length * the average Depth * the average Width


To keep the pool water healthy and clean, you should sanitize your pool regularly. The process can be done by using and adding a few antibacterial chemicals in the water. By doing so, you can prevent and stop the formation of bacteria and the development of algae. To get the process done properly, you should spread the chemicals equally in the pool water. Having your pool cleaned regularly, you can also avoid the eye and skin irritations.


It is inevitable to avoid contamination of water. To keep water in the pool clear, clean, and healthy, you should consider using the shock solutions which can help get rid of bacteria and algae.


It is obvious that cleaning your above ground swimming pool is not easy and simple. However, it is highly recommended that brushing and vacuuming the floor and walls of your pools regularly is important and necessary to prevent the pools from the growth of algae and bacteria.

If you want to enjoy all fun activities around the pool, you should keep your pool healthy and clean by setting up a schedule for maintenance. Don’t be lazy or delay the maintenance.

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